ISBN# 978-1-60381-872-8
March 2012
Camel Press
$5.95/$14.95 280 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups


Catherine Bradshaw entered a cold marriage to Jeremy Flint based on a business venture. Not long after the ceremony, she finds herself being kidnapped and wonders if it is for the better or the worse?


Rive St. Clair is a man of honor and does not lack elegance. He is definitely informed and a leader with every intention of correcting the terrible past he was dealt.


Rive is out for blood from years past because of a massacre caused by Flint. He wants to make sure Flint knows the pain that he caused. After attacking the coach carrying Flint and Catherine, Rive takes Catherine captive. She needs to escape. Her family depends on it, and she cannot allow her father to go to prison. If Jeremy does come searching for her, her family will become destitute. Now she is in the confines of a man, not knowing what lies in store for her. The more time they spend together, it seems they are two people that should never separate. When, and if, Jeremy does come for her, will she go with him or stay with the man who has truly captured her heart?


Moonlit Desire is a poignant story that carried this reader from the beginning to the end not wanting to stop. I love the strong and robust characters that undeniably stand out. The dialogue is truly impeccable. Catherine and Rive have a chemistry that is astonishing. I love all the expressions they emit toward the other. Jeremy comes off as the perfect guy that the reader wants to throw punches at and never stop. Ms. Camillo pens a wonderfully inspired story of love, devotion and honor. This is positively a heart-warming gem with all the makings of a great book. Indeed a journey worth traveling in every page.


Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More