The same apprehension she felt the night of Craig's murder overcame Toni. Changes in the story line of Beekman Place might mean that Leo, the director of the soap opera, had been successful in his one-man campaign to drop her from the show. But why? When she auditioned for him, there in that studio, he hired her on the spot. Her attempt to prove she could play a vamp had worked.
"You are Alexandra Bradshaw," he’d said eagerly. 
Now, he was just as eager to have her fired. What happened to change his mind? Pressure from Janet Whitman? Toni knew the older actress was desperate to stay in the cast. But why would Leo allow himself to be swayed by her?
Toni glanced across the set, saw Leo, a thick cigar in his fist, consulting with a cameraman. She headed in the opposite direction, toward her dressing room.
"Dahling." Janet stepped out of the shadows. "It's really quite, quite horrifying. An actress must never get involved in such baad publicity. It hurts the show. It hurts us all."  Jealousy, an emotion the actress seemed to thrive on, lit her heavily made-up hazel eyes.  
"Thank you for your concern." Then refusing to be intimidated, Toni added, "Janet, didn't you once tell Barbara Walters that no limelight was ever too bright, no publicity ever too bad?"
As if Toni hadn't spoken, Janet continued. "Leo's been in touch with the Neilsen people. He wants to know if we slip in the ratings."
Toni knew of Leo's obsession with the ratings. And they had risen after she joined the cast. So why kill off her character, one apparently popular with the viewers? It didn't make sense.
Janet reached forward, pressed Toni's arm lightly with the tips of her nails and smiled, as if she knew some secret that Toni wouldn't like. Her voice lowered and she departed temporarily from her usual affected clenched-lips style of speech. "We don't intend to let your problems sink this show.  Just remember that."
Toni shivered inwardly at the woman's callous attitude.  Turning away, she continued on to the small dressing room that she and Heather shared for costume changes. A long table with lighted mirror took up one wall and, against another, a metal clothes rack held the actresses' costumes, including the exotic gowns worn by her character, Alexandra Bradshaw.
Barging into the room unannounced, Leo thrust several sheets of paper at her.
"While you were away yesterday, Toni, dear--" He made it sound as if it were some whim on her part to be found with Craig's dead body. "--we firmed up the script changes. The past-life regression scene, where Alexandra is attacked by Jack the Ripper, is out for now. Instead, after you leave the Winstons' summer estate on Long Island, you're going to walk toward the red Lamborghini and it will explode."
Explode! Toni felt as if the nightmare of two days before returned. First Janet's none-too-subtle threat and now this.  "Was this your idea, Leo?"
"The show is a collaborative effort. You've all had your input along the way, so don't be temperamental."
She felt her jaw tighten. Every profession had its  complement of cutthroats and back-stabbers, not unlike some of the characters on Beekman Place. But Leo, by comparison, gave even some of them respectability. She'd done everything to please him on a professional level, and nothing worked.
With mounting apprehension, she flipped through the pages he gave her. There it was, what he had alluded to, a death scene. "Alexandra lies in a hospital bed." No dialogue, of course. It wasn't exactly Camille.