TONI ABBOTT, a soap actress who was posing for him at the time, becomes a suspect when photographer Craig Landis is shot to death. Either a fall, or the sudden shock, cause temporary amnesia, blocking her memory. Did Toni witness the murder or was the fatal bullet meant for her instead? Either way, she's in jeopardy.
There are plenty of suspects: a jealous wife, a pregnant mistress, a disgruntled partner, even a former prison inmate. Or did Toni's popularity on the soap opera provide motives for an aging actress, fearful of losing her job, or the director who's under pressure to eliminate Toni from the show?
Toni consults an attorney and they work to solve the puzzle. But not before her life is threatened twice more and she finds another dead body. Will her memory return in time to escape a final attempt to kill her?
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