Her dialogue is wonderful. I look forward to more books from this author

This is a first rate read by a first rate writer. The plot is tight, suspenseful, and believable. Her dialogue is wonderful. I look forward to more books from this author. - John A. Sarconi

Beautifully written!

Allie, a dress designer stalked by a serial killer has to stick close to Ben, the cop assigned to protect her. She thinks he is not her type, but then..... This book was so exciting, I had to burn lots of midnight oil! Beautifully written!

-  Anne Jayne

I thoroughly enjoyed Forever Mine and will be anxiously awaiting Carolann's next novel

Once again Carolann Camillo has kept me on the edge of my seat. Forever Mine is a page turner. The story grabbed my attention immediately. I could picture the handsome detective so clearly and the female character, Allie, is the epitome of what many a young girl aspires to be. Nob Hill, the Beach Chalet, and other points in San Francisco as a backdrop to the story further enhances the reading. I thoroughly enjoyed Forever Mine and will be anxiously awaiting Carolann's next novel. - Mary Bell

Great plot twist!

A clever plot twist makes the reader gasp at the end. I look forward to reading more books by the talented Ms. Camillo.

- Toshio Hirano


A visit from SFPD detectives radically changes the life of San Francisco fashion designer, Allie Nash. A semi-finalist in a fashion contest, she prepares for the career-defining final competition, while the detectives interrogate her about her former neighbor, Jimmy. He now befriended a ruthless serial killer, Dave Barnett, wanted for murder in Seattle. They are traveling to San Francisco and to visit Allie. Dave plans to hide in her house. To trace Jimmy’s next call to Allie or apprehend Jimmy and Barnett when they show up on her doorstep, SFPD puts her under twenty-four hours police protection of two detectives. Dave leaves a trail of bodies in his wake, and Allie is terrified of becoming his next victim. The contest deadline is approaching, as the mutual attraction between her and handsome detective Sutter grows. Will Allie Nash win the fashion competition and the heart of the detective, or will a heart imprinted with Forever Mine on her body become her fate? - Monika Lange

A thrilling page turner

A very enjoyable read, it kept my attention from start to finish. The story is very suspenseful with twists throughout. In my opinion it is well thought out and written, I couldn't put it down. I look forward to reading Carolann's other books.

- Prime Shopper

Romance and Mystery Expertly Done

Ms. Camillo is a talented writer with a fine command of language. I especially liked the romance in this book, because it grows. I've often said that people don't go from "hate" to "love" in one leap. There are steps between: dislike, mild dislike, grudging admiration, understanding, etc. This story makes use of those steps, so the reader feels what Allie feels and is ready for the happy ending. The mystery is well-done too, with plenty of moments of fear and tension, plus a switch at the end that is both unexpected and realistic. - Phyllis Ashworth

Guilty Pleasure!

This is the third book I've read from Ms. Camillo. I always say I'm not much for romance novels but her books are so engrossing and entertaining, I get sucked in by page 5! I stumbled across her books on Amazon and now seek them out. Her stories are compelling and are a true guilty pleasure. When I put this book down I was thinking when can I get back to it? This would be the perfect travel book for the plane, before bed or while enjoying a cup of tea in your slippers. In Forever Mine, the heroine, Allie Nash, a dress designer, is stalked by a creepy psychopath. She has to endure 24 hour surveillance by the San Francisco Police. It unfolds like every girl's nightmare and makes you double check that your own doors are locked. As the story evolves you end up rooting for Allie just like you would for one of your own girlfriends. It's such a treat to lose yourself in an entertaining story where you actually get attached to the characters. Ms. Camillo is a talented writer who doesn't fail to deliver a treat to her fans. Reading Forever Mine actually is time well spent! - Europe4kids


Romance Novels

I do not normally read romance novels, but was intrigued to purchase the book. The book caught one's attention from the first pages on and continued to keep up the interest by adding some intrigue and of course titillating hints for anger to the heroine and chivalrous actions of the hero. Even though I have not read romance novels, this book seemed to follow a formula that has proved itself successful. Fun and easy reading during travels.  - Ulla Schreuder


Moonlit Desire

Honestly could not put the book down; it's what I call addictive reading...very enjoyable. Would like to read a sequel!

- Elizabeth Mary


Everything A Romance Novel Should Be

Moonlit Desire was the perfect mental getaway! Beginning with page one, you were instantly transported into the mid-1700's and a world we could only imagine today. The characters of the story are true-to-life, not sappy, and the plot
moves along at a brisk pace. I found the time and place fascinating! The author created a setting rich in detail and I found the historical accuracy a real bonus. Very cool. I was sorry when this book ended! A real fun and relaxing
read! - E.W. Phillips


Loved This Romance Novel!

I just finished Moonlit Desire and can't wait to get into another of Ms. Camillo's romance novels. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout with all its entwined plots. Carolann's uncanny ability to exploit clever phrasing to evoke living embodiments of her characters made reading this novel a continuing delight! I was sad when it ended. - Mary Bell


Great Book

Great book, it took some great turns. I can't wait to read another from this author. Too bad she doesn't have more.
- Sherry Curran
Hardship and Maturity for Free-thinking Women
Carolann Camillo’s historical novel, “Moonlit Desire" novel, is an amazing weave of history, women’s struggles, peace and war, colony and empire in 19th Century America.This talented author writes more than simply romance, she portrays epic conflicts of nations and nationalities, moral courage and unredeemed evil. What’s more, author Camillo does this by taking you there to become a part of this story as it unfolds about you, a page-turner that grabs you beginning to end.

The basic setting is the war between Britain and France for the territory in the New World primarily the land that is now America and Quebec that becomes Canada. But, the story opens when protagonists Rive St. Claire and his band attack the evil Commander Flint and free his new bride from her servitude as his new bride by which she has provided for her destitute parents.

As the story unfolds, we see the French, long engaged in the territory, befriending even adopting, native American customs and costumes of the day. The plot then engages Catherine, an intelligent, even courageous (if often foolhardy) woman and the push-me/pull-you of her romantic desire for Rive, a rival of villainous Flint, and her concerns for her parents in London. Rive, of course, immediately falls for Catherine despite his female cousin’s effort to entrap him and to destroy Catherine. Add to that, the major battles between France and England, carried over to the new world and Rive’s disguise as a French spy and you have just about all the excitement and nail-biting you can take.

In addition to a complex, engaging and totally believable plot, author Camillo handles the story deftly. Characters are complete and fully developed, never cardboard mannequins fulfilling roles of good vs. evil (they sometimes do dumb and foolish things) thus are seen as real, e.g. Catherine struggles against falling in love with Rive and her concerns for her parents often outweigh her own happiness. Rive in the role of spy often takes chances that are foolhardy, dressed as a British Officer behind the lines, etc.

Finally, too, author Camilla spices the prose with hundreds of figurative phrases that liven the text, allowing the reader to see things in creative new ways, e.g., “Clouds gave way to a pallid sun; -- white clad soldiers dotted a torn and scarred earth as they lay like the last remnants of snow on a barren field; -- a ribbon of light spilled from the moon;

“Moonlit Desire”is not just historical fiction,not just romance, it’s a story of mature people and terrifying events that are bigger than those things, a five course meal made for gourmet readers. Add it to your list of “must”reads.
- Jim Duggins Ph.D.




The Very Thought Of You

Being a landlord in San Francisco this novel intrigued me. Loved the protagonist. The Very Though of You is the second novel of Carolann's that I've read and I've enjoyed every page. I'm always sad when it ends and I have to put down the book. - Mary Bell


An Engaging Romance Novel 

Nick and Molly are fun characters. The San Francisco setting makes you feel that you are actually there and the dialogue is terrific. A very enjoyable read. - J. Michaels


A Great Read

The Very Thought Of You contains all the elements that pull a reader into a well written story and then never lets go. Nick Mancini and Molly Hewitt lead an unforgettable cast of characters that exemplifies the diversity of that great
city by the bay, San Francisco. There's humor, conflict, crisp dialogue and if you like spice in your romance there's plenty of that, too. I highly recommend The Very Thought Of You. - James Wheeler


Escapism Of The Most Fun Kind  

 I'm traditionally not one  for paperback romantic romps but ... I have to say ... I'm changing my mind! This page-turner is the perfect antidote to a busy work week. The characters, Molly and Nick are so life-like I wish I could see what they are up to this weekend! The setting in beautiful San Francisco and Napa Valley just made me wish I was there too. A friend turned me on to this book and it was so nice to stretch out on the couch and drift into another world. Plot twists, a bit of spice ... I was sorry when it ended (too soon!) and I had to get back to reality. Great summer book by the pool or winter book with a cup of tea. This well-written book delivers. - E.W. Phillips


A Love Affair Where “People Have Flowers In Their Hair”,

Ms. Carolann Camillo has shown us again her story telling skills. Just like with her historical romance, “Moonlit Desire” she keeps the reader’s interest from the first to the last word, Ms. Camillo’s contemporary romance is a page-turner.
“The Very Thought of You,” a romance set in San Francisco, follows the lovely and strong-willed heroine, Molly Hewitt and her uncertain liaison with her nemesis, Nick Mancini, “The Condo King.” While Molly runs a non-profit organization.


 Nick would not hesitate to buy out his condo’s tenants for a pittance. When full of resentment Molly confronts Nick, the “Devil’s” youth and good looks surprise her. Smitten with Molly, Nick decides to reach his goal by seducing Molly, the trick he employs with all beautiful women. Despite herself, Molly cannot resist the kisses of this Casanova, or forbid her heart to fall in love. How will this witty, filled with twists, turns, and humor romance end? The reader shall not regret finding out by himself. - Monika Lange


Romance  For A Romantic City

This witty, sparkling romance pits Molly Hewitt, who runs a not-for-profit medical clinic, against Nick Mancini, a man the locals call "The Condo King" but the apartment dwellers in his newly acquired building call the Devil. He wants to buy them out to vacate the building and erect another condo in its place, but his offer is too low, according to Molly. Not that it's any of her business, but she knows and cares about those people because they use her clinic. Besides, if Nick succeeds, perhaps her clinic will be the next to see the wrecking ball.

Since Molly persuaded the tenants to ask for more compensation, Nick was determined to woo the sexy lady, and Molly found herself attracted to the hunky, handsome bachelor. But her sensible side resists not only his kisses, taking her ballooning and even meeting his family. Then someone tried to destroy the property, and the police got involved.

I won't be a spoiler. You have to read this to appreciate the twists and turns, the delicious sensual scenes, and the way a master story-teller kept me turning the pages. I loved the dialogue, Carolann's way with words, the realistic scenes of

the city-by-the-bay, and especially the feel-good ending. I'm so glad I curled up with this book. - Phyllis Ashworth